For an extensive list of the FullMonte Project’s publications, please visit the following link:

How to Cite

The following paper may be used as a general citation for fullmonte software (bibtex format):

  title={FullMonte: Fast Monte Carlo Light Simulator},
  author={Schwiegelshohn, Fynn and Young-Schultz, Tanner and Afsharnejad, Yasmin and Molenhuis, Daniel and Lilge, Lothar and Betz, Vaughn},
  booktitle={European Conference on Biomedical Optics},
  organization={Optical Society of America}

Docker deployment

The preferred way of running FullMonte on Linux, Mac, or Windows is via the Docker deployment. You can install Docker for free via a download or a Linux package. We manage the project such that the master (latest) branch is continuously tested and deployed using Gitlab CI/CD and you can see its status at any time.

You can see the available Docker images, with some information on how to run them in the FullMonte’s Gitlab Docker registry. There are also instructions in the wiki.

Development Trunk

For those wishing to build on top of FullMonte, the development trunk is hosted at Gitlab.


Please have a look at the wiki and helpful code snippets to orient yourself.

Issue tracking

The code and documentation can’t improve if we don’t know where defects are. If something isn’t working as planned, please let us know. We track issues (crashes, documentation errors/omissions, feature requests, inaccuracy) in the Gitlab issue tracker. Please check for an existing issue that matches yours and consult the wiki page about bug reports before submitting. Thanks!